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Supply Chain Logistics Management 4th Pdf Download




Bowersox (2003) also found a positive association of hierarchy and efficacy. Research on the association of work context and health has mostly found a negative association between work context and health, that is the negative association between work context and health is larger than the negative association between health and work context. The negative association between work context and health has been explained by stressful aspects of work that may result in health decline (Brown et al., 2011; Knibb et al., 2008; Silva et al., 2015; Tschannen et al., 2016). Research on hierarchy and health has mainly found a positive association between hierarchy and health (Burke and Hertel, 1997; Henning et al., 2000; Kunnen et al., 2007; Montanari and Salvanes, 2012; Montanari and Salvanes, 2014). Hierarchy has been described as more rewarding than equality and jobs with higher position are more rewarding (Burke, 1996) and this may explain the positive association between hierarchy and health. Furthermore, hierarchy has been found to be associated with a higher sense of control (Henning, 2000). This explanation seems reasonable since sense of control can be considered as another way to define efficacy. The research on the association between work context and health is less clear than the research on hierarchy. Research on the association between job control and health has mostly found a positive association between job control and health (Cockerham et al., 2008; Gruber et al., 2001; Hanson et al., 2002; McInerney et al., 2008; Schoot et al., 2007; Slooff et al., 2015). Most of these studies also found a positive association between job control and health that is larger than the positive association between health and job control. Research on job control and stress found a stronger positive association between job control and stress compared to the positive association between stress and job control (Hanson et al., 2005; Hughes, 1997; Hughes et al., 2005; Kannisto et al., 2001;




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Supply Chain Logistics Management 4th Pdf Download

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